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The Progenext Group enhances scientific knowledge by presenting complex information in an easy to understand format. Our goal is to provide the necessary knowledge to better understand scientific discoveries and their clinical utility. 

The Progenext Group, LLC //

Company Description:


The Progenext Group uses a variety of approaches to fulfill its mission. The first approach is by providing high quality continuing medical education (CME). The Progenext Group provides quality learning on a national scale to a large array of healthcare professionals. The content of the CME program includes a broad range of activities and special attention is given to how healthcare genetics impacts patient care.


The second approach is by translating complex scientific information in an easy-to-grasp format that can be understood by both clinicians and general consumers. This is accomplished by using an assortment of platforms including written reports and short educational videos.


The Progenext Group is able to utilize a multitude of methods to convey complex information to both the general consumer as well as healthcare clinicians.

The Importance of Translational Science and the Public

The recent pandemic has demonstrated the necessity to implement innovative scientific discoveries quickly and effectively into clinical practice. The aim of translational science is to translate bench and clinical science into health practices that increase overall public health. Traditionally, translational science has been described as “bench to bedside” with the goal being the implementation of bench science into routine clinical practice. More recently this goal has been broadened to include practices that effect the community at large.

History has also shown that the public at large lacks the basic scientific knowledge needed to understand scientific innovations, which in turn makes the public hesitant to embrace new technologies as seen with mRNA vaccines. Furthermore, without the proper awareness clinicians can also be tentative to encourage the use of said technologies. Translational science is the key to bridging the gap between new discoveries and public consumption.


The Progenext Group is dedicated to helping both clinicians and the general consumer increase their scientific knowledge for the overall improvement of public health.


The mission of The Progenext Group is to bridge the knowledge gap between bench science and clinical practice.


The Progenext Group’s vision is a world where translational science is better understood and implemented so that the quality of patient care can be improved.

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